What is the most powerful building in your life?  My guess is that it's not the office building where you work, or the mall, or the supermarket, but I guess that it might be your home or your house of worship.  These are two building types that make you feel comfortable and protected in a sometimes harsh world.  In addition, your home is your face on the world.  It tells people who you are.  It sometimes tells you, who you are.  And it may tell you who you want to be. 

"I believe a house is more a home by being a work of art." 

                                                               -- Frank Lloyd Wright

We, as architects, really have the opportunity to make lives better, because of this powerful art of shaping space.  Architecture is not about adding square footage, it's about making the people who live in a house love to be there.  I think that Caswell Daitch Architects is somewhat like a research doctor for a house, We develop theories about how to combat certain typical house "health problems."  Through our education in architectural history, we have seen so many more solutions to these problems than the typical person has - so we know which solutions have worked well and which ones haven't; which ones are expensive or which ones are not so expensive.  Sometimes, with small budgets,  this means making one really great room that you love so much, that you hardly ever leave it. Sometimes, it means that you do a face-lift to the house, so that it feels more like home. Sometimes, it means building a sunroom that ties into a beautiful garden, so that you feel like you are outside when you are inside. We try to develop what procedures are most effective for each house type and homeowners benefit from that vast knowledge and experience. 

Please visit our before and after section of the website to see some of our house transformations!